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Quill Pen Ink Publishing Presents:

The Arts - A New Series by Cat Ellington

January 16, 2023

Blog post by Cat Ellington

Ooh, I can't wait! The vision for this one had me SALIVATIN', SLOBBERIN', DROOLIN'—however you describe it! Whew! Stay tuned, folks! The Arts, a new series by me, Cat Ellington, presented by Quill Pen Ink Publishing, is coming soon.

(Close ya mouth, Cat.)

New Blog:

Lollygaggin' - at the Boutique Domain

January 15, 2023

Blog post by Cat Ellington

The headline says it all. I've got a new blog here at the revamped Boutique Domain. On the Lollygaggin' page, I will continue doing what I did at the old Secondary Blog: I will serve up the latest news—garnished with some jive talk.

More posts are coming soon—so stay tuned.

Dual Mania

Coming Soon to Plex

January 14, 2023

Blog post by Cat Ellington

My dear men and women, we (at Vital Vision Productions, LLC) have been informed that Plex will premiere our debut feature film, Dual Mania, in June of 2023. We are incredibly excited about this premiere news. And I ask that you all stay tuned for more details.

See, I'm getting the hang of this new layout feature. 

Lollygaggin' - An All-New Blog at the Boutique Domain

January 13, 2023

Blog post by Cat Ellington

I am back, baby, with a new spot from which I'll do all my jive-talkin': Lollygaggin' - the blog. A lot is going on, and I will keep you all informed about the goings-on right here. So stay tuned, baby!

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