Watercolors by Ateli© Are Featured Courtesy Of The Black Jaguar Music Company.

Founded in 2013

The virtual home to the entire Cat Ellington entertainment, art, and literary divisions, CatEllington.com, bynamed the "Boutique Domain," is a renowned World Wide Web entity that I founded on Tuesday, January 29, 2013, less than a year after I joined a few Internet social media communities.

Inevitable, where its founding had been concerned, the location serves to enlighten its viewing public with in-depth information regarding its primary, multi-creative namesake - that is I, Cat Ellington. The location would also provide an electronic platform for me to formally introduce myself and my contributions as a creative artist to those members of the general public, whom, in most cases, are not privy to industry creatives such as myself, traditionally spotlit only through visual and print media outlets.

The Origin of CatEllington.com

The Award-Winning CatEllington.com, otherwise known as the "Boutique Doman," is my official World Wide Web location.

When I reserved my name for the purpose of a public domain in late 2013, I had one specific goal in mind: I would single-handedly establish an exquisite, and rather considerable, virtual entity that would showcase any number of dedicated pages honoring each and every creative hat that I am mightily blessed to wear in my respective fields of industrychiefly in that of music.

Upon the domain's founding, my specific goal, in addition to introducing the public-at-large to my professional offerings, had also included what its layout of design would be. And right from the start it had been my desire to liken the establishment to my very own personal "boutique"the moniker being one that both Joseph Strickland and I decided on earlier, what considering the insatiable fashionista and art lover in me. And it was to be a "boutique" that I could decorate in much the same way that I do my family's and my places of dwelling. It was to reflect my passions overall where the arts are concerned.

With this specific goal in mind, I went to work establishing the Boutique Domain:

The site's decor had to mirror that of an art gallery; its "walls" would have hung upon them the best and most vivid works of watercolor art, particularly in an array of floral varietals. And with some of my favorite impressionists of the art world in mind, including the likes of Monet and Rembrandt, my desire had been to feature works of art in watercolor paintings that would add eye-catching color and beauty to the site's "glossy white walls."

Two years later, I would bring in specialized works of impressionist art courtesy of Ateli.

  • Considering my many creative efforts, which include a song catalogue spanning (24) genres, respectively, I had already been aware that the menu would be lengthy in its listing. So, with that in mind, under the circumstances of likening my new site to a personal "boutique," it had gone without saying that the menu would be referred to as the "registry." A "registry" of all that my personal "boutique" had to offer in terms of my many creative specialties. In addition, the site's header would be referred to as its "awning."

Now, in terms of the "awning," it was my vision to brand on it the site's title and year founded in an elegant inscription, because I absolutely love all things feminine, elegant, exquisite, lovely, and beautiful. And it had been my passion to have my domain, which would bear my name, represent those singular qualities.

Speaking of my creative artistry, what I bring to the proverbial table in the Arts and Entertainment industry are bodies of work that I believe reflect a sense of elegance and uniqueness. And this domain, launched to showcase my creative contributions, could not (and would not) be tolerated to exude anything but elegance and uniqueness in its presentation. For this had been my vision in the inauguration of this website in late January of 2013, and keeping it well remains my passion today. Nothing less than the best is to be featured: The loveliest artworks in paintings, illustrations, sketch drawings, and photos, not to mention elegant, feminine inscriptions, text, etc.

  • On its blog page, "Lollygaggin'," it was imperative that photos selected to lead my postings set the perfect tone for the subject matter of each individual post. The pictures would be required to tell a story. They (the photos and captions, along with each headline), would be required to perfectly compliment the subject matter of those posts with which they would be affiliated.

  • Since I bore easily with traditional terminologies, simply referring to the site's visitors as plain old "visitors" was just not going to cut it. No, a more special term was required to describe these men and women. So, I decided that I would identify my site's viewers as my "guests." I love that word dearly because it reminds me of the now extinct, however still legendary, department store, Marshall Fieldsmy inspiration in choosing it. At Field's, you were a "guest," not a "customer." And here, at the Boutique Domain, those men and women who pay it visits are my "guests."

Being a department store, museum, art gallery, and boutique "historian," I wanted my place here to mirror those types of establishments in what they forever represent: style and elegance.

Indeed, my dear men and women, it has to be lovely, or it cannot be mine.

  • Also, the cosmopolitan traveler in me yearned to pay tribute to the intercontinental. And it took a while but eventually an original idea came to mind. With my having such a strong desire to, in some creatively unique way, honor those men and women of every tongue, tribe, and nationality who visit this location, the original idea had been this: I would create and dedicate a very special page to my global public under the tag, "Cat Ellington International."

Named in honor of the airline industry, the Cat Elington International page, primarily inspired by my love of travel, secondarily drew its inspiration from another one of my all-time favorite retail shops, that is the legendary Benetton and its iconic United Colors campaign.

So, influenced by the many tongues of the world, I elected to feature, on the Cat Ellington International page, a 14-column, fading slideshow presentation of my first name in (70) languages from around the world. And that the page would project the spirit of a postcard, I integrated a watercolor artwork of the world map, made of landmarks, courtesy of Kisika. At the end of the page, an image of a pair of lips was included, that it would pay homage to all of the postcards I've kissed in my time.

Finally, the domain's personally selected black and white color scheme would be for the distinct purpose of representing the "ebony" and "ivory" keys on a piano, that the dual color contrast would commemorate the foundation on which my multi-creative contributions are builtthat being music.

Awards & Recognition

On Saturday, 14 March 2015, CatEllington.com—otherwise known as the Boutique Domain—was awarded Celebrity Site of the Day by the NetVision Network.

The Establishment

CatEllington.com, my only established virtual entity, in addition to The Review Period with Cat Ellington, was founded on Tuesday, January 29, 2013. A subsidiary of The Black Jaguar Music Company, it is strategic in providing my public with in-depth information concerning my professional creative contributions in the fields of music, movies, art, and literature.

The award-winning Boutique Domain showcases

The creativity of Cat Ellington

In the fields of music, movies, art, and literature.